Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A rather low point was reached by all

I got some anonymous comments asking where I been these past months, and decided to accept them at face value as an indication that I may have been missed in cyberspace, rather than to wonder if I was the unwitting recipient of sarcasm on the internet.

I have not been writing anything because my brain cannot simultaneously process both my on-again-off-again obsession with photographs, photoshop and everything flickr AND a blog entry. Just not enough RAM. As I type now, blood and clear fluid leak out the side of my ear because I still have flickr on the brain and can't think straight. I have never tried so hard to be good at something I am still so bad at. What a mouthful. But it is true, and truly frustrating.

In other news, The Son has gotten the hang of reading 3-letter words, and has moved on to 4- and 5-letter words. He also enjoys typing words on the keyboard since it gets him past his obvious writing impediment. I was so extremely proud to see him spelling out words on request. I think we started at a high point when he typed out, with no assistance, the word "NO".

Thereafter, with some help and encouragement from the sidelines, he proceeded to type out "KAT", "WURD" and then "QWERTYUIOP". See, he even makes his own words. SO SMART!!!

I am intensely proud of him. I credit myself, mainly, for all of his intelligence and I strongly believe this must be in some part due to the religiously, painfully, strict diet which I observed during the most part of my pregnancy, which included:

no soft cheese
no partially cooked egg
no sushi
no partially cooked meats
no salad
no alcohol
no caffeine

and then, towards the end..

no carbohydrates.

I am freaking awesome.