Monday, February 25, 2008

They're sending them a little young these days

The Son has managed to pick up a host of interesting new bad habits from school. I haven't met a single one of his grand total of 5 friends yet, but I already know that:

1. One of them likes to karate chop while mumbling (.. hiyah yo hiyyye) incoherently
2. Another one likes to say "Dunno Dunno"
3. Yet another likes to say "I don't care", with special emphasis on the "I".

In other news, and somewhere else in Singapore, another parent is probably complaining now that someone has taught his/ her child to say "FUCKER". No one in our household has admitted liability for this. I can't imagine where The Son picked this up. It must surely be some kind of spontaneous abherration.

But at least he has stopped trying to get out of school. He now attends school faithfully (with the exception of that one day when I was on a business trip and the dad copped out of sending him to school for no particularly good reason that I can find even after days of cross examining all witnesses and long discussions with the parties involved) and with less complaint than previously. The negative school-related remarks are confined to:

1. "I'm already smart" (in response to "School will make you smart!")
2. "Don't say yay" (in response to "Yay! We're almost at School now!")
3. "Yes" (in response to "If you don't go to school, your friends will be sad. Do you want your friends to be sad?")

The main good thing that has come out of school is his imagination has been somewhat expanded. Earlier today my morning shower was interrupted when the bathroom door was flung open. A small individual in a scooter trundled in, said hi mama. Mama, resigned to the embarrassment of standing naked, cold, before anyone who passes the bathroom, says hi Bo, where are you going?

I'm going back to Erf (Earth). Am. on. spaceship.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Romney and Michelle's High School Reunion

So I had a great time during the reunion. It was amazingly fantastic. Beyond words. All the popular girls showed up. All of them, save for one, were fat. And single. I wore the flashiest outfit I could find. Apparantly I've changed so much that no one can recognise me. And I look like a beanpole next to them, even though I've still got the extra 4 kilos of post-pregnancy baby fat clinging stubbornly to my arms, tummy and thighs.

*Sigh* Happy now.

In other news, I have just been tricked into organising and attending a last minute telephone conference at 4 pm this evening that no one showed up for. Except my Indonesian colleague. Who burst out laughing when he found out it was just him and me on the line - no one else called in, even those people who didn't call in were from countries where they haven't even heard of Lunar New Year let alone celebrate it. So the both of us stayed in the office through this afternoon, with everyone else gaily streaming out the front door, just to get on this call, and just to find out the client who called at noon to insist that we have this call this very day didn't even bother to call in.

So not funny. So so so not funny.