Friday, May 22, 2009

I've never had a dress named after me until now, and now I want to see it

Checked out the Pink Frangipani dress shoppe yesterday at lunchtime and found some pretty awesome stuff.

This is Gremlin's (from Gremlink) dream and creation and I had not realised up till then that she designs and names her dresses after her friends and known acquaintances.

I found The Stacie, a rather hawt black chiffon cocktail dress with an extremely flattering bias cut around the waist and hips, and also The Ciara, which is a deep red pleated silk dress, short, but also with a similarly flattering waist and hip cut.

Then Gremlin tells me that there is also The Jennifer, but IT IS SOLD OUT.

Eeeee!!!!!!!! (*flaps hands in front of face like a preteen girl*)

Need. To see. The Jennifer.

This is just (JUST) like Lorac cosmetics, where I found The Lipstick I Had Been Searching For All My Life, where the designer names her lipstick colours after various different famous Hollywood celebrities. OSOM!!!!

So what goes through your mind when you design something and name it after someone, I asked the Gremlin.

Well, I think of what she would most likely be wearing, like her favorite dress or her usual style.


I suspect The Jennifer is probably a very short dress, probably rather low cut, either in the back or the front but not both, very likely in black/ a muted colour or a deep satiny red silk. The last little black dress I wore out to the pub (or, as my mother would say, the nightcrup) was a short black halter dress, so short in fact that I could not use an escalator, only lifts.

Gremlin's stuff is inspiring because it's cocktail dresses, and tops and bottoms designed for professional women in their 30s and beyond, not just for women in their 20s.

What's the difference between these 2 groups? We are not going to Zouk anymore, we're not partying anymore, we are working women and mothers who go to houseparties, work functions, dinners and dances, and other people's wedding dinners. Or sometimes just dinner with the husband and friends at a nice restaurant.

And when we do go, we do not want to have to choose between the evening gown we wore for our wedding x years ago, or the same exhausted black dress we have already been seen in for the last 5 of these occasions, paired with the same exhausted pashmina. We would like, for once, to wear something new, not too tight, not too stretchy, something in a cut that will be kind to the waistline and hips and which will make us look hawt. Something which will not require me to hold my breath when I put it on, and then throughout the rest of the evening until I can sit down somewhere and put a napkin on my lap.

Something that will let me show off the assets I still have and the ones that I acquired after having a kid (more curves) while hiding the extra pounds that I put on in the wrong places after having said kid.

And it's got to be affordable. I'm not paying more than S$280 - 300. I've got to budget for kid stuff.

Also, I don't want the latest bright funky colours. I want the kind of colours I see in Boss (for their women's range), Chanel, LVMH, Celine and Gucci. I want black, silky satiny greys, whites, deep satiny reds that glow and shimmer in dim lighting - and that will not wrinkle if I bring the kid out with me for the dinner.

Is that a tall order? I don't think so. She's come up with just the thing, ensconsced in the 2nd floor of the Windmill Mall at Holland V. And there's an accessories and photoframe shop next door.


At 12:16 AM, Blogger expat@large said...

The last 5 occasions? OMG! Social death! I have one pair of jeans. No-one complains. (No-one is game to to!)

At 12:41 AM, Blogger Mark said...

Damn, I love buying nice dresses! .... Now I have to go there..!

(and no, they're not for me)... well, in a way, they are, I suppose...

At 7:27 AM, Blogger Indiana said...

I think I should take the gf to visit the store?

At 1:09 AM, Blogger gremlin said...

this is too sweet. did not know you wrote this. *all smiles now* happy again....

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