Thursday, September 28, 2006

Machine Boy Strikes Again

In the movie "Terminator 3", there is a scene where the Terminatrix (the hot hot Kristina Loken) pokes a metal spike into a bunch of sleeping robots and then after that they are slaves to carry out her bidding.

Well that's what seems to be happening in my house, before my very eyes.

I had a previous post where I complained about The Son having changed the aircon remote to read in Fahrenheit which resulted in us (since I can't read temperatures in Fahrenheit) blasting the aircon for the next few days at either very high or very low temperatures. Till I called the aircon man to come fix it and he came, fixed it and left in 5 minutes having passed a snide remark to the maid about how the aircon remote "is not actually spoilt".

Anyway, now my super duper 5 speaker entertainment system (can play VCD, CD, DVD) has somehow been recalibrated so that it will no longer play anything at all except High Five. Not just any High Five, mind you. It'll only play "Animal Adventures". I tried to fix it with a head cleaner, but it won't play the head cleaner VCD either. Every time we start fiddling with the player, The Son walk over and say "Fie! Fie!" and we'll have to watch yet another 10 episodes of Animal Adventures. It doesn't help that everytime I hear the opening lines of the first song "So many animals inside of me! So many animals - SET THEM FREE!" I think of Annabel Chong and it's just neither here nor there.

The Husband came up with an ingenious plan. Seems that the player will work for other VCDs/ DVDs/ CDs IF we play High Five's Animal Adventures first. But we HAVE to play Animal Adventures first. So any plans to rent and watch movies at home will need to factor in at least 1 episode of High Five. I'm not technically a genious but I already know almost all the songs by heart. And that Kathleen (one of the 3 girls) got pregnant and has to drop out of their live shows. And that Charlene is the only one that's married. Herrggh.

Oh yeah. The Son has (finally) spoken The First Sentence. It was "Ryan what are you doing" as he tried to climb out the window.


At 11:34 PM, Anonymous Cory said...

Good laughs!!!!! Since I could only read temps in F it took months before I could figure it out in C. I just kept on guessing.
Our 3 yr. daughter at that time stuck a $1 coin in Mommy's Mac drive =). Now that did get some big laughs from the tekkies at the MacShop.

At 11:03 AM, Blogger TruthSeeker Mama said...

Love your photos.
Your baby boy is the cutest.
Loved the photos of the beautiful models too.
I'm a Fahrenheit dummy myself.

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