Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Local Boy Improves on Turd Timing

In case anyone out there is waiting with baited breath for an update, The Son has given even more thought to his Plan A and since improved on the timing of the last minute poo poo with breath-taking precision.

Morning wake-ups used to be so simple when I was single. Wake up, brush my teeth, run out the door as I am zipping up my skirt and buttoning the blouse (with mixed results if I am hungover). Now, it's a million times more complex and with High Five providing crazy background music. What I can't understand is how The Son manages to poo twice in the same hour. Surely when you go, you go. Right? You can't decide to hold back 1 or 2 pieces for later. This is not a donut run. Yet The Son managed to do exactly that twice this week. This morning, he got the 2nd poo timed just as I was getting dressed for work, after he had been fed, washed and dressed, and then after we washed him up for the second time, he ran around butt naked evading the second round of getting dressed. Which did not have the expected result of him getting out of school, it just made me late and 100 times more cranky than usual, especially since I am caught up in mad season with 3 transactions completing in the same month and nobody is sleeping anymore.

It's always mad season this time of year, and always coincides with my annual one and only one lecture with the law school students. I have a transaction completing tomorrow immediately before the lecture which probably guarantees I will arrive even more wild-eyed than usual and could well succumb to the temptation to just stand there and tell them all that it's not too late to change their minds and find another career path.


At 1:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need a 'Supernanny'!

At 10:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

think what u need is a gentleman's gentleman- a butler!

Do the ironing, get the table ready for dinner, chauffer your son to school and nurture himto be brought up like a well bred boy!

Heh! kills many birds with one stone. Outsource everything (upbringing included). you could be that super career woman and come home to a great family with no reason to sweat over the little things !:D

At 4:03 PM, Blogger Mei Del said...

thinking aloud - blogger might want to put in place a warning that toilet talk features prominently in this blog and readers of a sensitive nature might want to look away...
personally i have a fairly thick hide and will read anything

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